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Social Media Etiquette & Your Address Book

Social Media Etiquette is Real World Etiquette

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Whether it’s chatting with a co-worker or posting a Facebook status update, it’s your etiquette that will define whether you are listened to or ignored.

If you have a friend known for awkward public comments, that individual will undoubtedly be just as awkward while using social media. If he or she is prone to making you cringe in public they will make you cringe on Twitter. Those people just don’t get it.

Then there are your friends that truly understand unsaid social rules. They are discreet when necessary. They are sympathetic without being obsequious and understand what to say and when to say it. They get it.

Having good real world etiquette is part and parcel with having good Social Media Etiquette. You understand that in a world that is hyper-connected, protecting your friend’s contact information is not just “etiquette” – it’s common sense.

This is where we come in – and we get it. FullContact is an address book that works for you rather than you working for it. It pushes all the contact information to the cloud then safely pulls their information from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. It notifies you when they have updated information. Our system uses true bi-directional sync to keep your iPhone Address Book safe, secure and up to date.

You get it. You care about the safety of your friends and contacts. You understand etiquette and so do we.

Want to keep your Address Book safe, secure and up-to-date? Sign up for our free beta.

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