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Turn Your Gmail Into a Productivity Powerhouse with Sortd

One of the things I love most is when a company comes up with a way to make a tool that I use even better. The latest that I’ve found is called Sortd and it turns your Gmail inbox into an organized dream.

What Is Sortd?

Sortd is billed as a “smart skin” for Gmail that helps you to organize and use emails the way that you want to. The skin factor is important, in that it doesn’t actually change the function of Gmail, it just changes how things are displayed. The basis of Sortd is in lists that you can customize however they will best fit your needs. By simply dragging and dropping emails into the appropriate list, you can always make sure that you’re on top of the ones that are important.

As you can see in the example, Sortd lets you set up columns such as To Do lists, events and more. But the real magic (at least as far as I’m concerned) comes in one simple ability – You can change the subject line of any email. I can’t begin to count the number of times that I’ve had to try to remember an email subject after the discussion has taken a completely different turn. I’d venture to say that I’m far from alone.

The fine folks at Sortd have been kind enough to give us an invite code, so use “FULLCONTACT” when you sign up at http://get.sortd.com to get immediate access.

Like everything else in life, finding the right tools will make the job easier and give you better results. Have a favorite tool that we should know about? Toss it in the comments and we’ll give it a look.

Image: Edinburgh City of Print via Flickr

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