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Startups Can Now Join Colorado Technology Association for Free

In April, FullContact joined Colorado Technology Association (formerly Colorado Software Internet Association) as members and I personally joined as a member of the Board of Directors.

When CTA first approached me, I was a bit skeptical, as I’d worked with CTA before and its membership has traditionally been comprised of very established software and IT companies (i.e. – they wear suits and ties – and usually together!)

Honestly, I didn’t know what I could contribute as a member of the flip-flop, t-shirt and wingbandit wearing community.

However, after meeting with Steve Foster and Wendy Nkomo, I was convinced: this was a new CTA that was eager to reach out and really engage with the startup community. Steve wanted me to be a liaison to the entrepreneurial startup community. I happily accepted.

Thus far, they haven’t let me down and I’m excited for things to come.

CTA is heavily involved in promoting Denver Startup Week and the Denver Startup Bash. If you haven’t already — go sign up for these two events now.

In addition, CTA made membership for startups 100% FREE for the first year!

As a member, startups can receive benefits like:

  • Free Tickets to a signature event of your choosing ($500 Value) – great events like the Apex Awards, C-Level or DemoGala.
  • Access to contact details of other CTA members
  • Listing in CTA’s online directory
  • Events and Product launches publicized in CTA’s calendar (reaching over 8,000 Colorado IT Executives)
  • Press releases and announcements
  • Access to exclusive events

Down the road, we plan on doing some pretty cool things for CTA member startups like:

  • Helping connect startups with their first big customers (we’ve got 8,000 IT organizations in need of solutions)
  • Getting real beta testers and users for your product
  • Demo and Pitch events with awards and investments at stake

If you’re a startup in Colorado and you’re not in CTA, you should be.  It’s a no brainer.  To sign up, click here.

After the first year, there’s no obligation to remain a member, but hopefully CTA demonstrates enough value (and you have enough revenue) that you’ll happily convert to a paying member.

As always, feel free to ping me with feedback or questions about CTA’s startup program –

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