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Stitch App Review

Stitch is Powerful Mobile Email that Salespeople Will Love

We all know that the world has become mobile, and that’s perhaps even more true for salespeople. But the tools that we use to communicate on the go haven’t evolved nearly fast enough to keep up. Most salespeople are still using standard email clients, and those simply aren’t the best way to work. Stitch might be the answer we’ve been waiting to see.

What Is Stitch?

Stitch is a mobile-based email client focused on salespeople. It combines services to make staying in touch and staying productive from your phone easier than ever before.

It starts with the ability to create template emails either in the app or from your desktop. I don’t know a single person who relishes the time spent composing long emails from a mobile device, and Stitch eliminates that need.

But Stitch then goes a step further by letting you use online storage services such as Dropbox, Box or Hightail to attach and send files along with those emails. Now you’ll never have to send another “when I get back to my desk” email to a client who is waiting for the information that they need to make a purchase. Have something saved locally? Stitch will let you manage those file too.

Finally, Stitch integrates a service that’s very similar to Yesware. It tells you who opened your email and when, and it will even let you know if someone opens the files that you sent to them.

The Caveats

There are a couple of small caveats, but they’re definitely worth mentioning.

Stitch is free for now, while it’s in beta. The company does say that some features will be paid in time. It also only works with Google Apps Gmail accounts for now, but Exchange is coming soon (and there’s a beta program running if your company wants in).

The sales team here at FullContact has been using Stitch, and they’re reporting great results. Give it a shot with your own team (or even for yourself) and see what Stitch can do for you.

We love finding tools that make our lives easier and help us to be more effective. Have a favorite one of your own? Drop us a comment or an email via pleasereply@fullcontact.com

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