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SweetProcess Makes Knowledge Sharing Easier Than Ever

As your business grows, one of the problems that you’ll almost undoubtedly run into is finding the best way to share information on procedures around your company. Great SOPs (standard operating procedures) are core to making sure that everyone is trained the same way, has access to the same information and is distributing that information in the designated way. SweetProcess is the best way we’ve seen to make sure that your SOPs are accessible and always up to date.

What is SweetProcess?

The short story is that SweetProcess allows you to easily guide someone through your company’s standard methods for tasks. Maybe that’s sending out an email to everyone on your company’s list, or perhaps it’s a matter of entering prospects into the CRM of your choice. It’s imperative that the steps are completed, and that the process is easy to follow.

So why not just use a Google Doc? Here at FullContact, we can tell you first hand that Google Docs just aren’t the best way to spread information. On top of the fact that they’re hard to organize, inserting images, video and step-by-step instructions into them is a real pain in the ass.

SweetProcess is tailor-made for training. By combining a slick interface with to-do style lists, images and video, training new additions to your company should be easier than ever. And the people responsible for keeping the SOPs up to date should like the fact that any portion of a SweetProcess routine can be edited without affecting anything else.

SweetProcess offers a free trial, and plans start as low as $19 per month. If you’ve already started documenting SOPs elsewhere, there’s even an option to have the SweetProcess team migrate that information for you.

Making sure that people have the knowledge that they need when they need it is imperative. Finding great ways to keep that knowledge up to date and flowing doesn’t have to be difficult. Give SweetProcess a try and let us know what you think.

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