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The Developer’s Guide to Building Customer Insights into Zendesk

Written By:
Matt Elliott

Understanding a customer’s interests, desires and intentions are an integral part of delivering an exceptional customer experience. At FullContact we use Zendesk, a customer support platform, as one of the main touch points with our customers. Giving our employees the right tools to better understand and relate to our customers allows us to improve their experience. This was at the core of why we built the FullContact Customer Insights for Zendesk app integration – to improve our own processes and customer interactions. But instead of stopping there, we decided that rather than limit this tool to our own internal use cases, we wanted to share it with anyone using the Zendesk platform.

Why Integrate?

We have observed (and personally experienced!) many examples of when customer service was not only frustrating in the amount of effort required by the customer, but was also very impersonal. Treating customers like human beings instead of a ticket in your queue is important if you want to be awesome with people. The FullContact Insights App for Zendesk allows Zendesk users to provide exceptional customer service by connecting with their customers on a more personal level.  With the data provided by FullContact, users can see their customers from a 360 degree perspective – what interests they have, where they are located, even see their latest tweets… all displayed right alongside the support ticket in Zendesk.  Do they love football? Live in Denver?  “Hey! Did you see that Broncos game on Sunday? What a comeback!”. This is the type of interaction that will make your customers feel that they are known by and important to you, and it’s a trend that is set to gain significant momentum.

Building the Integration

FullContact Customer Insights for Zendesk integrates with FullContact’s Person and Company APIs and it’s an app that any developer can produce. If you have a customer’s email (or one of the other supported lookups), you’ll gain customer insights. Not only do we have amazing API docs, we also have a handful of first and third-party open source SDKs. This makes getting started with FullContact quick and easy.

Including client and server code, FullContact Customer Insights for Zendesk is right around 2,000 lines. Our first-party Node.js SDK was used, but you can find all of the SDKs here: https://www.fullcontact.com/developer/docs/libraries/

My Takeaway

As software engineers, we do what we do in order to enhance people’s lives. Creating powerful and meaningful software is something we love. With so many tools and platforms available to us, there are endless possibilities to build great things. We believe that FullContact Customer Insights for Zendesk is one of the great products and it’s just the beginning.

So why not get started today? Get your Free API Key and see what you can come up with!

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