The FullContact Email Verification API is here!

Today, FullContact is proud to announce the release of our new email verification service! The FullContact Email Verification API lets you integrate email verification and correction functionality into your applications, websites, signup forms, and more.

Why Email Verification?

After rolling out our Disposable Email API a few years back, we’ve gotten lots of requests to add additional email verification functionality to our product offerings. Our new API supports all of the following use cases:

Deliverability – Identify if the email address will be delivered, or rejected, by the mail server. This helps your organization maintain or even improve your email sender score, identify fake signups, and more.
Fat Finger Correction – Identify and recover the many email addresses in your database that have typos, or suggest typos to people signing up for you service. Turn into
Disposable Email – Identify one-time use emails to help reduce the fake signups for your service.
High Risk Email – Identify email that might be associated with fraudulent activity, honey pots, spam traps, and more.
Syntax Issues – Identify email that have syntax issues so that they can possibly be corrected to improve signup flows and database quality.

What’s more, once you’re sure an email is valid, you can still leverage the FullContact Person API to enrich that email address with social profile and other contact information.

How It Works

The FullContact Email Verification API is simply a new endpoint in our existing API platform, so all of the mechanisms that those in our developer community are familiar with will still remain true. It leverages the same keys, follows the same authorization and authentication schemes, and ultimately produces JSON results as out other FullContact API endpoints.

Even better, the API is flexible. It supports querying by:

Single Email – The API supports a synchronous mode where a single email can be sent in the request and a response is delivered right away. This is useful for signup forms and one-off verification of email addresses where time is of the essence.

Batch Email – The API also supports an asynchronous mode where a large number of emails can be sent in a single request. This mode allows you to later poll for results or optionally receive webhooks when the response has completed. This is useful for companies that have large databases of emails that they would like verified.

No matter which process you choose, you can leverage the email API to keep your database and app contacts clean.

Sunsetting the Disposable Email API

This launch also signifies the sunsetting of our Disposable Email API. Starting March 15, 2017, FullContact will no longer be supporting this API. The good news is that our new Email Verification API replaces and expands upon the original functionality that the Disposable Email API provided.

Get started querying the Email Verification API today! Read the Email Verification API docs, then give it a try using your existing FullContact API key.

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