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The Magic of Contact Information

Written By:
Matt Hubbard

Kickoff Labs
One of our exciting customers, KickoffLabs, recently wrote a post touching on several key points about the “magic” of contact data – powered by the FullContact API. To elaborate, here are some key takeaways about why having good contact information is so important for your product:

1. Contact data makes your software seem much smarter.

Arthur C. Clarke famously wrote in the third of his three laws that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” So KickoffLabs is correct when they refer to our contact data as “magic” . . . because that’s exactly how it appears to users.  

As with any good magic trick, though, the results come from an intricate and well-executed series of non-magical tasks. There’s nothing spooky going on. We quickly pull publicly-available information about your contacts, undertake some high level math and statistics to clean up and verify the information, and then push the results back to you. Plus, like any good magic trick, it happens so quickly that you focus on the beauty of the results, not the underlying mechanics.

2. Contact information makes customer signups easier.

KickoffLabs makes the point that, when you have good contact information, you no longer have to ask users for “twenty pieces of data that they are going to lie about anyway.” How often have we all gone to a website or started to download an app, only to stop due to an overly-complicated signup form? Nobody wants to spend five minutes inputting their address, age, etc., even if it is useful for the company.  

With our API, all you have to do is ask your prospective customers for their name and email (or social handle). End result: you won’t piss off your users by asking for it, or incite them to lie, so you get more signups and accurate customer information.

3. Contact information helps you discover influential users.

If you were responding to a customer service request or routine email, or maybe checking out names for new users, would you want to know that the person on the other end has a ridiculously high Klout score or thousands of Twitter followers? Of course you would. Based on our API’s results, you can segment your users to find the most influential ones (or the ones that fit a certain profile) using all the different pieces of social information we can find. Then you can ensure that these customers get the attention they deserve.

To boot, our API is cheap. You can signup for a free trial, and paid plans start at just $19 a month. It’s a very easy way to make your software seem smarter, boost your signups, and improve your customer service.

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