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How to track mentions of your brand online

How to Track Mentions of Your Brand

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This week’s 2-Minute Drill focuses on Mention – an awesome app to let you track online mentions of your company or brand.

But wait, you say. I already use Google Alerts for that.

And you’re right. You can use Google Alerts for this type of thing.

So why should I change now?

Because Mention beats it out in a ton of ways:

Where Mention really shines is its interface (which is top-notch, and includes an iPhone app, Android app, web app, and Mac/PC/Linux desktop apps). Additionally, unlike Google Alerts, you can monitor online mentions in near-real time – which is a pretty useful feature if you’re looking to stay engaged with your target market.

Lastly, let’s be honest – we probably all use Google Analytics, Gmail, and about 20 other Google products. But after the demise of Google Reader, do you really want to keep relying on Google for all of your marketing and business intelligence? Neither do we.

Take a look at Mention:

Want to try it out? Head over to Mention and sign up for free. You’ll be glad you did.

Video Transcript: How to Track Online Mentions of Your Brand

Hey, everyone! Thanks for checking out this week’s Two Minute Drill.

Today we are going to be talking about a company called Mention.net. I think the easiest way to describe Mention is that it’s basically Google Alerts, but on steroids. It’s an actionable Google Alert.

Go to Mention.net on the Web. I’m going to log in with an existing FullContact account, real quick. Once you’re logged in, the first thing you’ll do – which I’ve already set up – is set up alerts for whatever keywords you want to search. For us, I set up “FullContact,” “FullContact API,” and “FullContact App.”

What Mention is doing is searching all over the Web, blogs, Twitter, Facebook – wherever you select – to go find mentions about those keywords.

Right here, I’m logged in. You’ll see sources down here. You can choose whether you want to see Web, just Twitter mentions, etc. From here, everything is actionable, so I can open up a Web Mention, for instance, and actually share this with someone else.

Let’s say this is a support issue. I can share this alert with our support team, and they can take care of it from there. Or I can favorite this. Let’s say it’s a customer testimonial on Twitter: I can favorite that. I can assign tasks to any Mention and follow those tasks, in a to-do list type fashion, from within the app. It’s a pretty handy little tool.

Again, it’s Mention.net. You can get a free account for up to 50,000 Mentions or 30 days. From there, they’ve got paid plans if you want to do more. Mention.net, check it out. It is a pretty cool Google Alerts replacement.

Thanks for watching, and we will see you next time.

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