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Tracx Review

Tracx Removes the Guesswork from Your Social Media Spending

Having come from a background in reporting on technology, I’ve seen far more than my share of social media tools come and go. Very few have been actually impressive in any function, focusing more on flashy design to tell you the same thing that any other one could tell you. So when I saw what Tracx has been doing, it was that ah-hah(!) moment that I’ve been waiting to have for the past few years.

Why Tracx is Different

It’s often said that, in tech, you should do one thing and do it very well. While I generally find that to be true, there are many times where focusing on a single thing leaves out the rest of a very important story. That’s largely been the case in social media dashboards. They’re either for intelligence gathering, management or monetization. Any one of these is a great feature, but the product needs more.

Tracx is different because it spreads its focus among intelligence, management and monetization. It focuses on helping you to make important, informed decisions about where you’re spending your time and money. That’s a refreshing change.

The intelligence side of Tracx will let you analyze conversations for sentiment and demographics, helping you to stay in touch with your brand. But the system also goes a couple of steps further by implementing influencer management and even geographic mapping so that you can see when someone from Bangladesh is bashing your business in Boston.

The management facet will let you publish to all of your social accounts, of course. But by tracking success of your owned media and keeping conversations into easily-read threads, it also helps you quickly find what’s important instead of having to dig.

Finally, the monetization side does exactly what you would hope that it would do – it helps you make smart decisions. By integrating into your existing CRM, and then providing you with leads management, Tracx does everything in its power to remove the guesswork from your social media spend.

Why Do You Need It?

Because you’re probably wasting money. Because social media is a hard animal to contain and it’s getting more wild every day. Because there’s never been a better day to not spend money that you don’t have to.

But more than anything else, you need Tracx because it’s the first system that actually gives you start-to-finish coverage of your social media presence. The team knows that social business is still very much business, and it has provided a robust set of tools for integrating it with the systems that you’re already using.

Take a few minutes to browse the Tracx site and request a demo with the company. For the very first time, it feels like someone has created a social media platform that is not left wanting.

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