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Update Your Contact Lists for Better Networking

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We’ve all known them. Those old timers in the office who know everyone. Anytime you wanted to know who to call about something, you stopped by their desk. They would spend a few minutes flipping through a Rolodex stuffed to max with worn cards identifying contacts and give you a name, a number, and usually a few tips on how to deal with the contact.

Those guys are mostly gone now. The old Rolodex has been replaced by the contact software on our computers and phones. But our need for detailed data continues to grow. That is why it is critical to turn partial contacts into full contacts.

If networking is the key to business and personal success, then the key for success is having networks that are fully functional. That means we need as much data as we can get on our contacts to enable us to communicate more effectively with them and to interact with them on their terms.

The social media arena is exploding with new options every day and the people we are trying to stay in contact with are doing all they can to stay in contact with us and everyone else in their circles. So how can we possibly keep up?

That question is one that FullContact is trying to address with its service which helps you keep your contact lists updated with rich social profiles.

Did that just make you pause? It shouldn’t. FullContact simply provides you with the contact information that is already available to the public.

Successful networking today is a far cry from the days when we looked someone up in the phone book and gave them a call every few weeks. Our friends and business associates are on social media sites, they have their own websites and blogs, they are sharing in ways that are unique. Keeping up with them is easier now than it has ever been, provided you know where to look.

If you have an associate’s phone number, you have a start. If you know where they are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or how to access their blog, you are fully in the networking mode. That’s where we live today and having all the critical information on our contacts gives us and edge when it comes to making a contact a fully functioning part of our network.

Sign up for a free FullContact API key today, and get started enriching your contacts with rich social profiles.

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