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Stride CRM Review

A Review of Stride – An Awesome, Lightweight CRM

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This week’s FullContact 2-Minute Drill focuses on Stride – a CRM that helps simplify your deal flow.

It features task management, team collaboration, detailed contact insights with social profile data, and advanced funnel metrics to help you visualize where you’re at in your sales funnel.

If you’re looking for an awesome sales tool, we highly recommend them. Check out the app at StrideApp.com!

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out the Two-minute Drill.

This week we are looking at Stride. Stride is a web-based CRM. You can check out their website at www.strideapp.com.

Stride is pretty much a dead simple and easy to manage CRM for managing your deal flow.

When you log in, you’re taken to what is essentially all your different deals that you have going right now. You can see it has all these different steps in the sales funnel process so you can move people along pretty quickly, add a note for each step. You can add a new deal from the home screen – we’ll call this “Testing.” We’ll save myself as the contact, and let’s save that deal. We can now drill down on that deal.

You can see it right here, it’s using the FullContact API to pull in a profile picture, title, location, Twitter, Facebook… And from here I can go to down to tasks. Let’s say I shot out an email to this person today and I want to follow up with them a week from now.

For my initial email, let’s do “follow-up.” For due date, we’ll say “next week.” And that task is now in Stride, and it will send me a reminder to follow up with that person.

You can also add team members to the deal flow. Go back to the deals, you can add anyone on your team. So let’s say I want to add Ben – let’s say Ben’s working with them on some testing stuff – so let’s invite Ben to this deal. Perfect. Stride now shot Ben a note and added him to this deal.

Stride also provides you with some pretty cool high-level metrics on your sales funnel. Anyone that’s used some of these Legacy systems knows how much of a pain it is to really visualize and grasp where you are in your funnel. Stride makes it super-easy and appealing, so you can go see breakdown of your funnel where you’re at. You can also see an activity screen of all your recent activity.

I’ve been having a whole lot of fun playing with it over the past couple of days. I recommend you check it out as well.

Again it’s strideapp.com. It’s free to sign up.

Thanks as always for joining us on the Two-Minute Drill. We’ll see you next week.

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