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Upcoming Changes To the FullContact V1 Schema

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We are in the process of refactoring the FullContact V1 API response schema in an effort to make the data you use more organized and consistent. We’ve standardized field names across social profiles, reorganized information, added new fields, and removed fields we will no longer be providing.

If you’re currently using our V1 API endpoint, make sure you update your code to reflect these changes. The new V2 API endpoint is currently live at http://api.fullcontact.com/v2/person.json?email=[email]&apiKey=[your key]. We’ve also created a schema update doc, a color coded JSON doc, and an example JSON response for you to test your code against.

Standard Social Profile

Social profile data has been standardized to conform to the following format and naming conventions.

New Standardized Social Response Example:

socialProfile: {
    "url": [public URL to social profile],
    "id": [user Id of profile],
    "type": [old type - to be deprecated],
    "typeId": [typeId = standardized type],
    "typeName": [friendly typeName],
    "username": "[user’s username]",
    "bio": [short tagline/bio/headline on network],
    "rss": [RSS feed, if available]
    "following": [how many people person is following]
    "followers": [how many people are following person]

Field Name Changes and Removals

The following fields have been removed or renamed:

  • We’re removing the birthday and facebookUsername fields from the Facebook social profile.
  • We’re removing profile_url, facebookUsername, twitterUsername, facebookId, created_at, known, slug, and time_zone from the Plancast social profile.
  • We’re removing profileId from the Google Plus social profile. The title field is going to be renamed to bio.
  • We’re removing twitterUsername, twitterScreenname, twitterId, and extrenalUrl from the Twitter social profile.
  • We’re removing connections on LinkedIn. We’re adding followers and following. The headline field is going to be renamed to bio.
  • We’re removing message from Tungle.me.
  • We’re removing the icon, about, name, and user_id fields from Digg. The about field will be renamed to bio.
  • We’re removing short_bio, name, ext_api_urls, sessions_attending, sessions_speaking, sessions_tracking, attending, speaking, and tracking from Lanyrd. The about field will be renamed to bio.
  • We’re removing the myspaceUsername field from the Myspace social profile. The id field will now contain the actual Myspace id instead of the entire string.

New to the API Response: digitalFootprint

We’ve added a digitalFootprint node to the response, which contains influence scores and topics from Klout. All topic and score related information is being moved to this node.

Klout Score Types

  • general
  • amplification
  • reach
  • network

Klout / digitalFootprint Response Example:

digitalFootprint: {
    "scores": {
            "provider": "klout",
            "type": "general"
    "topics": {
            "value": "techstars",
            "provider": "klout"
            "value": "angel investing",
            "provider": "klout"

Relocating Website URLs to contactInfo.websites

The following fields will now be found under contactInfo.websites, which contains a collection of non-social profile urls associated with this person.

  • angellist.blogUrl
  • gravatar.blogUrl
  • twitter.externalUrl
  • github.blogUrl

Website URL Response Example:

"contactInfo": {
    "familyName": "Lorang",
    "givenName": "Bart",
    "fullName": "Bart Lorang",

Support for API Changes

We understand that by making these schema changes we will inevitably be affecting code that’s already been written. We strive to get things right the first time, however in this case we made some mistakes early on that have to be fixed now. If you have any questions about this update make sure to reference the schema update doc, the color coded JSON doc, the example JSON response, or send me an email and I’ll be glad to help.

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