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Review: Stock Video with VideoHive

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This week, we review VideoHive. It’s like iStockPhoto but for videos, and can save you literally thousands of dollars in expensive video production.

This is a hidden gem of the interwebz:

Video Transcript: VideoHive’s Stock Video Service

Hey guys, thanks for checking out another episode of The Two-Minute Drill.

This week, we are checking out a site called VideoHive. The URL is

VideoHive, I think, is one of the hidden gems on the internet. The easiest way to think of it is, it’s like iStockphoto, but for videos that you can utilize for your company, your startup, and whathaveyou.

It’s super easy to use: VideoHive is basically licenses to videos that you can fully customize. So, you remember the old UPS whiteboard commercials that have become really popular? I’m going to show you an example of that, just so you can wrap your head around what you can do with it.

So hopefully, you get the idea. You can customize all of that text, you can add your company logo. And the only thing you need to do that is the program Adobe AfterEffects. You edit it yourself. This video, for example, costs 30 bucks for the license. That’s something that would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to go make on your own.

So,, a lot of good stuff to play with on there. Go check it out, hopefully you can utilize it for your own company.

And check us out next week on The Two-Minute Drill. Thanks.

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