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[Webinar Recap] Identity Resolution: The Power to Fully Connect with Customers

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Pamela Herrmann

Imagine that someone sat you down at a table, dumped a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in front of you and then threw the box top away so that you had no idea what the end picture was supposed to look like. It’s just you and a lot of puzzle pieces. Rationally you know they go together, but with no real understanding of the end picture, you waste a lot of time sifting, sorting, testing and tweaking. Frustrating, right?

For enterprise level companies, their customer data is a bit like a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. According to VB Insight, 80% of consumer-facing companies don’t understand their customers beyond basic demographics and purchase history. The task of creating personalized messaging is stymied when you lack the understanding of who each customer is and what they value.

Modern marketing is returning to old school values that are customer-centric and focused on knowing your customers, their behaviors and their likes and dislikes. This is relatively easy for a small business, but for enterprise level companies, how they leverage data and create personalization at scale is just like that thousand piece jigsaw puzzle.

Identity resolution provides a unified view of your customer so that you can create relevant marketing messages

In a recent webinar, FullContact’s Rick Porter and featured guest Joe Stanhope, VP & Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, shared how smart marketers are tapping into the wellspring of data using identity resolution. Identity resolution is a data management process through which disparate customer data sets and fragments are unified into complete identities, creating a full profile of each customer. This allows seamless communication with your customers across various channels.

With identity resolution you’re now able to create relevant content that make customers feel like the message was written just for them. And relevancy in messaging is the key to increased engagement with your content, how you find social influencers and the key to increasing brand awareness.

When you’re able to take a little piece of information about your customer and run it through a identity resolution solution like FullContact, you now have access to a unified view of who your customers are and where they are on the journey, making it super easy to stand out and be relevant in a crowded marketing world.

Benefits of Identity Resolution:

  • Enables cross-device targeting, which has become necessary to consistently reach your target audience
  • Increases ROI in your CRM by ensuring these systems are maintained with high quality data
  • Supplies the business with high quality data to better serve customers, resulting in increased lifetime value, decreased churn, and more sales opportunities
  • Identifies customers in online inquiries faster with a single, more comprehensive and more accurate view
  • Empowers better business decisions with accurate, consistent and current customer data
  • Decreases customer acquisition costs by enabling highly targeted campaigns to specific audiences

According to VB Insight, 96% of marketers say that building a comprehensive single view of customers is a challenge. This is the Age of the Customer which requires you to go beyond the one-way, generic message broadcasting. Start by focusing on data collection and picking up the digital breadcrumbs from each customer interaction so that you better understand exactly what will motivate your customers to come often, buy more and tell others.

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