The Top Contact Management, Social Media, API, and Marketing Articles We Read This Weekend

What We Read This Weekend – September 17

When we’re not solving the world’s contact information problems and debating the NFL, we read a lot.

Here’s the best of what we read over the weekend:

Social Media/General Tech

The Role of APIs in the Future of Search – SEOMoz

LinkedIn Hits 10 Million Users in the U.K., More Than Tripling Its Users in 3 Years – The Next Web

Will the Internet Replace Traditional Education? – The Next Web


An In-Depth Look at the Science of Twitter Timing – KISSmetrics

The Rise of Visual Social Media – FastCompany

40 Ways to Get Banned From the Top 5 Social Networks – Hubspot


Rework by the Founders of 37 Signals

Creating a Job Market for the Most Fulfilling Jobs – FastCompany

Why Remote Workers are More Engaged – Harvard Business Review

Things I’ve Quit Doing at My Desk – Justin Jackson

For Developers

A Garden Variety of Bloom Filters – Mathias Vallentin

Comparing Go and Java – Boundary

How Can One Manage Thousands of IF … THEN … ELSE rules? – StackExchange

Achieving Top Mental Performance for Software Developers – Software Creation Mystery

Neat Algorithms – Flocking –

What are you reading?  Send us your recommendations!

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