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The Top Contact Management, Social Media, API, and Marketing Articles We Read This Weekend

What We Read This Weekend – November 19

When we’re not solving the world’s contact information problem or wondering what the %!<#? happened in Waco and Eugene this Saturday?!?!…we read a lot.

Here are some of the best articles we read this weekend:

Social Media/General Tech

Twitter is Pivoting

Don’t Blame Your Community: Ad Blocking Is Not Killing Any Sites

Five Unanswered Questions About Crowdfunding

Disassembling the Woolworths Facebook Scam


How To Increase Your Conversions With Narrative Web Forms

Forget Twitter: Old-Fashioned Techniques For Making Customers Feel Connected

Growing a New Website to 100,000+ Organic Visits Per Month in Less Than 1 Year

What Can Sports Fans Teach You About Succeeding in Business?


Anthropology of Mid-Sized Startups

Meet Pär-Jörgen Pärson, Sweden’s Heavy Metal VC

HomeAway Co-Founder: Why I Hire Failures

Entrepreneurshit: The Blog Post on What It’s Really Like

For Developers

Expanding Your Code Reading Horizons

Widgetjacking: Why More Social Widgets Mean Less Secure Wi-Fi

The Nature of Lisp

They Cracked This 250 Year-Old Code, And Found a Secret Society Inside


The Quiet Ones

How to Make Twinkies at Home, Even After They’re Gone in Stores

What are you reading?  Send us your recommendations!

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