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Women in Technology: New Partnership Working to Close the Gap

Written By:
Jake Cohen

To serve the biggest market possible, it is essential for software to be designed for customers that are both unique and diverse. To make this possible, it is good business to hire teammates that are individual and unique as well. We believe that when you bring together a collection of individuals with different backgrounds, it facilitates an approach to the world from different perspectives. Problems are analyzed in a different light and the collective whole of these approaches leads us to better solutions.


We add to our culture when we hire individuals from all walks of life and all forms of self identification. We foster a diverse culture that is inclusive of gender, ethnic background, race, disability, nationality, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, service to country and many other forms of identification. At FullContact, when we walk through the doors of our offices, every part of our being joins us for that journey; every part of who we are is how we make the best products and solutions to help the world improve relationships.


Diversity adds to our Culture


Today, I wanted to focus in on gender, a category that is particularly notable in our industry.  The amount of women that apply for roles at FullContact has always been lower than we would like. In order to receive the culture add that women bring to our company, we have made many improvements in our hiring process. One example is removing gender biased words from our job descriptions. We aren’t done though and we won’t be happy until our team is the strongest it can be.


There is always more to be done.


One way that we can improve our ability to hire female technical talent is by supporting women through education. We are partnering with our friends at Distil Networks, Foundry Group, Techstars, Cooley, Yesware, Help Scout, Cloudability, and Kulesa Faul to create a new scholarship. The“Women Forward in Technology Scholarship” will grant financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate female students dedicated to a career in STEM. We are excited to give women another reason to pursue a career in STEM. To learn more and apply for the scholarship visit the Women Forward in Technology Scholarship website.


This is another step in a long journey to remove the barriers for women to pursue STEM education and careers. We know it will not be our last, and we will work tirelessly to close the gap.

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