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Swiss army knife of business tools

WORK[etc] Is the Swiss Army Knife of Business Management Tools

One of the great parts about the modern Internet is how it allows teams to work from anywhere, using pieces of software as they need them. However this same factor is also leading to what I lovingly call “SaaS Creep”. We sign up for a service, use it for a while and then forget about it while we keep paying for it. WORK[etc] is a tool that can keep your distributed team organized, while simultaneously helping you to avoid SaaS Creep.

What Is WORK[etc]?

WORK[etc] is a suite of tools that helps you centralize your team, no matter where they are. It’s a combination of CRM, project management, help desk and invoicing with tools such as email plugins and mobile apps to make it accessible to anyone. While the company could likely have taken the HTML approach toward the mobile apps, by making them native they allow for local data storage and offline use.

It’s this multi-faceted approach to business management that makes WORK[etc] unique in the market. While most of what we see today are single-purpose applications (in the name of simplicity), there’s a lot to be said for having everything that you need in one place. Combine that with the fact that WORK[etc] interfaces with the tools that you probably already use and it’s an obvious front-runner for SMBs.

WORK[etc] contains the features that you’d expect, such as email marketing, reminders, tasks and quotes. But it also goes a step beyond by integrating with things like your shipping and payments. In short, it’s the robust set of tools that your business needs to get moving and stay ahead.

WORK[etc] is free for 14 days and doesn’t even require a credit card to get started. After the trial, plans start at $78 per month for two users and increase depending on features and the number of people who will need access.

Having the information that you need where you need it is imperative in business. Have some other great tools? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Image: Jim Pennucci via Flickr

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