The most effective way to scan business cards into Google Contacts, iPhone Contacts, & 500+ other apps.

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Super-accurate transcription, so you have the information you need, when you need it.

FullContact Card Reader saves you time and ensures you always have up-to-date contact data. Learn more.

With just a click, add business cards to your iPhone/Android Contacts, Salesforce, and more than 500 apps.

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FullContact Address Book
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“I have access to my business card info immediately. Less time at the computer means more time closing deals.”


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Simplicity – Click once and you’re done
Export to Salesforce Leads or Contacts
Export contacts to phone, Google Contacts, & more
Supports Salesforce Custom Fields & Domains
Send business cards to all the apps you use
Salesforce ISV Certified – Your data is secure
Accurate Transcription – Real people, not computers
Offline Mode – Capture cards anywhere

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