How can we engage with people on the right channels and with the right messaging?


Kin Lane, creator of , needed a way to quickly obtain social data on different groups of software developers that his customers were targeting.


Kin uses the Person API to gather social data on developers in order to better engage them using the right channels and appropriate messaging.

Their Challenge

Kin Lane

“FullContact’s API documentation, developer portal, and pricing are great! It helps you immediately understand the value - even a non-developer can come in and see how the method works.” is one of the best websites about APIs. As a paid service, Kin consults with software companies on how to best strategically engage with software developers as part of the company’s sales funnel. He performs landscape analysis on groups of software developers to help companies make the right decisions to grown their product.

Kin needed a way to quickly obtain complete social data on different groups of software developers that his customers were targeting, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social profile information. He knew that some groups didn’t want to receive emails directly, so it was important to know on which social networks these developers were active. Kin also needed to know the geographic concentrations of these developers, since he was advising companies on which markets to target and where to plan Hackathons and other developer-related events.

The Solution

FullContact delivers complete social profiles in real-time on these software developers, so Kin’s automated analysis tools can immediately process the information. As a result, Kin can provide timely and accurate strategic analysis to his customers. Kin also users these to complete social profiles to perform manual analysis on specific, highly influential groups of developers.

Next Steps

Kin Lane uses the data FullContact provides to quickly and systematically segment information in order to systematically engage with developers around the world. If you, like Kin, want the ability to segment and target an audience of any size, FullContact has the data you need!

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