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BigContacts is a web based CRM and marketing platform designed specifically for small businesses. They offer the industry’s most comprehensive integration between CRM and email marketing. BigContacts came to FullContact looking for a way to take their comprehensive CRM and enhance it to make lead management and business growth easier and more productive for their end users.


BigContacts integrated the FullContact Person API in order to build out a few tools that further deliver growth and productivity to their small business partners.

Their Challenge

Bob Walton
Founder & CEO

Features like this always help to improve retention rates as customers grow more reliant on unique functionality.

“Information is power” as they say. BigContacts realized that giving their customers information on their own customers and prospects would ultimately help them with conversions and retention. They needed a way to gather additional data that would be non-invasive, automatic, and easy on the end user.

The Solution

BigContacts integrated the FullContact Person API into their CRM platform. The primary purpose is to help their customers enhance the information they have on their contacts. Automatically.

The system’s setup works in a manner that allows an individual to enhance all points of contact, regardless of whether they are entering an individual contact, a list of contacts, or simply looking to refresh their entire database. Social and demographic data is returned to a user when an email address is input into the CRM by a user (in whatever fashion), creating a complete profile for the company’s records.

As for BigContacts, providing SocialPro at a premium level has proven to be quite enticing to their userbase. Since implementing this feature to their most premium plan, BigContacts has seen an increase in average revenue per user (ARPU) due directly to upgrades.

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Next Steps

The response to SocialPro has been so powerful that BigContacts is considering adding it (in some form) to their other plans as well. They will likely expand this to the other plans as they implement additional functionality through FullContact’s various APIs. They are currently planning a version that includes Company API data as well as Card Reader API features that will be featured, at differing levels, in all three plans currently offered.

Enhance your CRM experience by automating the data-collection process.