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How can we create more personal interactions with donors?


CommitChange needed a way to enrich their donor databases for the nonprofit organizations they work with. Nonprofits need to know more about who their first-time donors are, who their biggest donors are, and why they donate.


CommitChange integrated FullContact's Person API to provide enriched profiles on the people who matter most to their nonprofit customers.

Their Challenge

Jay Bolton

The moment people see the information on their donor profiles, their eyes light up. It's a huge differentiator for us, which is great.

CommitChange aims to help progressive nonprofits and social good companies raise more money by building and offering online tools that create sustainable fundraising models.

CommitChange strives to be transparent and ethical, keeping costs and fees as low as possible (or omitting them altogether). They do this by offering as many services to nonprofits as possible. Whereas many other platforms will focus specifically on fundraising or crowdsourcing or databases, CommitChange puts everything in one place, usually implementing it all on the nonprofit's website, which allows all fundraising, events, and everything else to be organized in one place.

Through their work with their customers, they have discovered a challenge faced by most nonprofits - it is incredibly difficult to access information about a new donor or a one-time donor. If a new donor comes in, nonprofits can only do so much in terms of encouragement for future donations. Not knowing anything about them makes it much more difficult to know why they donated in the first place - maybe it was a birthday request of a close friend in lieu of gifts or maybe they donated on behalf of their company - if there were a way to know more about those early donating individuals, it would be much easier to converse with them in a personal and sensical manner.

The Solution

CommitChange integrated the FullContact Person API to enrich the profiles of donors when they first enter their nonprofits' CRM databases.


Being able to deliver a full donor profile to their nonprofits - one with a donor's job title, location, company name, age, gender, and social interests - empowers the fundraising companies to change their communications with each person. For example, if a nonprofit discovers that a first-time donor has a very high net worth or a high interest in a specific charity, the will change the conversation they have with that donor.

Figuring out where the donation stream is coming from has also been very helpful to CommitChange and their partners. Being able to differentiate where inbound donations come from (i.e. Facebook or Twitter) allows nonprofits to optimize their outreach.

Next Steps

CommitChange is also exploring the incorporation of FullContact's Company data so they can better understand company donations in the future.

Better fundraising starts with a better understanding of your donors.