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How can we better market to our biggest advocates?


Extole helps marketers acquire new customers by rewarding existing customers with large scale refer-a-friend programs. Part of the reason referrals are so effective is that they are based on the personal recommendation. So, making the referral experience even more personal increases effectiveness.


Extole implemented the FullContact Person API to give their customers an expanded view of their advocates in order to provide more compelling data for the marketers who are running, optimizing, and scaling their refer-a-friend programs.

Their Challenge

“FullContact helps tell a bigger picture about advocates - it gets people excited about logging in.”

Extole helps some of the world’s best-known brands acquire new customers at scale by rewarding their existing customers for referrals to friends, family, and colleagues.
Extole saw an opportunity to to gather demographic and social data in order to supply marketers with the tools to better personalize their referral promotions and power to power additional marketing initiatives.

The Solution

Extole uses FullContact’s Person API in order to expand on the information about advocates in their system. By querying their advocates’ emails addresses, Extole automatically pre-segments their audiences and layers in the FullContact data in order to make the segmentation more rich and engaging.

All of this makes it possible for marketers to go beyond paid search and SEO - to imagine a world where they can amplify the passion of their existing customers to acquire new customers who have are more loyal, have higher NPS scores, and who refer their friends at a rate much higher than customers acquired through other marketing channels.

Now, marketers can run, build, and scale their programs in a more powerful way. User engagement has increased as marketers realize how much more compelling their referral programs are, an impact that “would not be fully realized without the FullContact data we add in,” says Chris Duskin, VP of Marketing at Extole.

Next Steps

Extole serves both B2C and B2B companies across a range of verticals, including financial services, retail, and consumer subscription markets. With the help of FullContact, their technology now powers hundreds of referral programs that help acquire millions of new customers.

Leverage your advocates by personalizing your marketing efforts.