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GreenRope Uses FullContact To Transform How Their Customers Connect With Contacts


GreenRope is an all-in-one CRM solution designed for small businesses to help them save time and generate more revenue. They recognized that in order to grow from an email marketing platform into a complete unified business management system, they had to integrate a wider breadth of data that enhanced the social profile of the contact.


With FullContact’s Person API, GreenRope’s customers can now take one or two data points like an email address, Twitter handle or a phone number and quickly enrich it with up-to-date insights on their contact’s profile, thereby creating ease and efficiency for their CRM customers. They now have access to this updated information on an ongoing basis and can better see touch opportunities right at their fingertips.

Their Challenge

Lars Helgeson
Founder & CEO

It's really about the ease of getting that relevant social data directly into the CRM record. This saves time and aggregates data our users often don't even consider until they see it in the data record.

Lars Helgeson, Founder & CEO, recognized that the future of CRM’s lay in providing his customers a way to assess the social influence of their contacts from within the GreenRope platform. Lars knew that the greatest opportunity to stand out amongst his competition was with the integration of social data for improved identity resolution. His goal for GreenRope was to go beyond email automation - he wanted to accelerate his customers sales pipeline and grow their bottom line by leveraging social data.

What GreenRope knew was that most of their customers only had a couple of data points on their existing contacts, like an email address or a phone number. This was creating time consuming work for their customers as they scoured the Internet to source critical insights that would fill the gaps in their contact’s profile: insights that accelerated the relationship building process, shortened the sales cycle, and ultimately created better experiences for their customers.

The Solution

GreenRope’s goal was to find a solution to this data gap which they could pass along to their customers as a value-add and effectively help them improve the results of their email automation efforts, create personalized messaging and engage with them in social networks.

In the sales process, for any business, there is typically a lot of time spent looking for data to help better understand the contact so that engagement opportunities can be established. With FullContact’s Person API, there is no need for CRM customers to ferret around outside the platform to source this information. Lars shares, “the ability to leverage social engagement from within GreenRope is really valuable and frankly, a huge time saver.”

Next Steps

Since this change, their customers benefit from improved contact engagement through social integration and GreenRope stays ahead of their competition.