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How can we deliver a more personalized customer support experience?


Help Scout wanted to change the way people interact with Customer Support teams by creating a deeper, more personalized experience.


Help Scout implemented the FullContact Person API in order to populate their customer profiles.

Their Challenge

“Providing customers with a great experience is all about proper context.”

Before Help Scout launched four years ago, they had an understanding that building stronger relationships with customers is, ultimately, the best way to help them.
Help Scout is a web-based help desk designed to help companies deliver a better customer experience. For Help Scout, providing customers with a great experience is all about proper context. The more you know about the customer; your company’s relationship to them; and who has spoken with them in the past, the more helpful you can be. Four years ago, though, they needed a way to connect; they needed a way to know more about their end users’ customers in order to provide better support.

The Solution

Help Scout integrated FullContact’s Person API in order to complete customer profiles as they come in for support. Every customer has an auto-populated, editable profile including their entire history with a company. This allows Customer Support team members access to immediately see the name of the individual requesting help, their job title, Company name, location, and social profile links (like LinkedIn). Having this kind of information at a moment’s notice has given Help Scout users the kind of personal information they need to build a better customer support system.

Next Steps

Today several thousand companies use Help Scout on a daily basis to deliver personalized customer support at scale. Their vision hasn’t changed and their commitment to driving small businesses forward continues to grow.

Deliver a better customer support experience.