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How can we build personas based on hard data instead of assumptions?


As a Digital Marketing Agency, iPullRank is always looking for ways to better understand their clients’ audiences. As Mike King, Founder and Head Consultant says, “As the internet today becomes increasingly personal, your audience will expect you to know them better. There is far too much demographic and psychographic data available for us today to only think of our audience as clicks and conversions.”


When Mike King first saw FullContact’s Person API he though, “Yes. I can use this for persona evaluation.” Since then, iPullRank has integrated FullContact’s data into their audience development process, market segmentation, and outreach methodology.

Their Challenge

Michael King
Founder and Digital Marketing Consultant

I find the data incredibly useful. It’s always one of the first things we do for every project.

iPullRank is an NYC Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in audience research, SEO, and paid media. Their client list includes companies like American Express, Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, and a few Proctor & Gamble brands.

Acquiring companies of this stature requires a lot of diligence and differentiation. In the competitive world of marketing agencies, iPullRank wants to stand out by reminding brands that persona evaluations are not profiles built from assumptions, but rather data-driven stories about your users. Data is meant to validate or invalidate those assumptions and, in order to do that most accurately, they need all the data they can get on a particular audience.

The Solution

iPullRank uses both the FullContact Person API and the Company API to gather data on their client’s databases that they then use to segment their audiences and better define personas. Once these audiences are identified, iPullRank is able to deliver the most appropriate content to the user. This capability serves as the backbone to email marketing campaigns, outreach, and advertising messaging.

“Audience is incredibly important to us. We need to know who they are so we can do the best work for our clients and their consumers.”

FullContact helps to create a uniquely personalized experience for each user based not on assumptions, but rather hard data which is acquired with ease through the use of their APIs. Datapoints like age, location, and job titles are all built into the process with little to no effort, making metrics and messaging more effective and efficient.


Next Steps

iPullRank is exploring new ways to utilize the data delivered by FullContact’s APIs. They’ve been extremely pleased and excited about the possibilities this data brings to their company and their clients’ success.

Personalize your marketing efforts.