How can we provide a deeper connection to sales prospects?


KiteDesk strives to be the sales tool that delivers demographic, firmographic, and social data to their end users.


KiteDesk implemented the FullContact Person API in order to enrich their data with social contact information and links to social profiles.

Their Challenge

“KiteDesk loves the FullContact solution, the team, and the technology!”

KiteDesk enables sales professionals to prospect, connect and close more business, more efficiently than ever before. KiteDesk’s comprehensive sales productivity platform gives sales teams access to millions of high-quality leads, plus prospecting & relationship management tools that reduce prospecting time by up to 70 percent while increasing overall efficiency and results.

KiteDesk knows it and many of its competitors offer firmographic and demographic information, but in a sales environment where social selling is increasingly important, they found themselves searching for a way to differentiate themselves by offering more powerful social connections.

The Solution

KiteDesk turned to the FullContact Person API to help them access social contact information on the leads they were delivering. Their early integration with the API has allowed them to differentiate themselves by returning high-quality data to their end users.

Next Steps

FullContact’s Person API has been integrated into the KiteDesk product almost since its inception and continues to provide them with the data their customers need and expect.

Give your data deeper meaning by adding social to the mix.