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How do you put faces to the names behind fundraising?


In a world where Excel spreadsheets are the rule, NationBuilder knew there had to be a better answer.


The FullContact Person API adds more information about supporters, and it provides methods for more outreach from campaign owners.

Their Challenge

Adriel Hampton
VP of Community

“We wanted to use FullContact to make our product more attractive to organizations of all sizes. Overall, use of the API has helped grow our customer base significantly and it has also made people want to import more data into NationBuilder. It’s one of our big, early 2013 releases, and people really get it.”

Fundraising and community building is difficult on the best of days, but NationBuilder knew that there had to be a better way. The focus of fundraising has almost always been on content instead of people, so NationBuilder built a product that puts the supporters at the center. While the company has provided communications tools, pages for communities, a database of supporters and finance tools, it needed to be able to add more information about who was supporting each organization.

The addition of the FullContact Person API allowed NationBuilder to pull in faces and match them to the names behind the email addresses. By cross-referencing the emails that had been collected, NationBuilder customers can also find out if their supporters have Twitter or Facebook accounts, which allows the organizations more opportunities to connect and encourage social sharing.

The Solution

The social growth aspect has been a big draw for NationBuilder customers. Organizations have typically had difficulty in building Twitter and Facebook following, but these two networks in particular are ideal for spreading the messages that NationBuilder customers are speaking. By allowing easy access to social media accounts, NationBuilder is building a solution to a huge problem for their customers.

Adriel tells us that NationBuilder’s favorite aspect of the API is its speed in returning results. “We can literally show matches happening when doing a demo. In one hour, we created an entire campaign using NationBuilder for a political activist.”

Next Steps

When you’re building a product, you owe it to your customers to help them find the information that will be most valuable to them. As you can see with NationBuilder, pulling in social data for your customers can help them to be more connected, more satisfied and ultimately more successful.

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