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How can we connect people in a more meaningful way?


How do you take a network of weak connections and make them stronger? If your network is your “net worth,” how do you ensure that your net worth is as connected as it can be?


Nudge implemented FullContact’s Company API in order to build stronger relationships with people by suggesting topics of interest that are founded on location, company industry, and other data returned by the FullContact Company API.

Their Challenge

“The crux of what the FullContact Company API offers is the freshness and relevance of what a company is all about… size and location give us a tighter sense of what a company, and their people, are most likely to care about and why.”

If you haven’t talked to someone for months, it’s a good idea to pull some info and catch up with them before reaching out. News, company, business info, social info, all of this can show you how to best relate to someone. You need to connect with someone in order to build a relationship with them. Nudge knows that everyone out there has connections that they don’t feel “close” to; perhaps a LinkedIn colleague that you worked with in the past, but wouldn’t feel comfortable reaching out to for a favor. They’re weak connections. Nudge is setting out to help people strengthen those ties by delivering a unique blend of data science, psychology, and marketing all aimed at connecting with people in a more personal way.

In order to do this, though, they needed a way to gather data about a person’s Company, the industry they work in, the town they live in, and then deliver relevant talking points. So, how to get started?

The Solution

By implementing the FullContact Company API, Nudge is able to pull information about a company that allows their users to better connect with people. A user receives suggested topics of interest based on the Company they work at, the industry it falls within, and the city in which it is based. Nudge has found that people are more interested in what a company stands for and not just how the government classifies it, and that’s the kind of information they are delivering with the help of FullContact’s APIs.

Next Steps

As one of the first adopters of FullContact’s Company API, Nudge is striving to be the solution that automatically collects and analyzes business data in hopes of better connecting to a person. All of this helps to people gain the crucial insights they need to build stronger relationships.

Build stronger relationships.