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How can we automate the data gathering process in order to scale our growth globally?


Online Success needed a more efficient way to gather information on companies in order to scale their processes as they grow into even more European countries.


Online Success integrated FullContact’s Company API in order to accelerate their data gathering and streamline their processes as they grow.

Their Challenge

“The reason we use the FullContact Company API is because it speeds up our whole process - it’s key to have this information. We are rolling into Belgium and other EU countries and we needed a way to scale our efforts as we grow.”

Online Success is a B2B sales and marketing acceleration platform that allows their users to automate their online marketing efforts, stimulating personal relationships and creating long-term customers. The platform offers social insights throughout the whole process, from lead to sale. In order to pull in valuable social data, Online Success utilized a team who manually gathered social data and data from outside suppliers. With the growing success of their company, they started to think about branching into more European countries, but didn’t seem to have the means to scale effectively in their current model.

The Solution

Online Success implemented FullContact’s Company API in order to provide their customers with relevant leads from website visitors and running them through the API. This, along with the use of other outside data sources, allowed them to quickly add most of the data that their internal team had manually been pulling: company revenue, number of employees, industry codes, and (most importantly) social data. Having an automated process in place allows the data team at Online Success more free time to validate the data-returned, ensuring that everything is current, correct, and connected.

Next Steps

Online Success’s use of the FullContact Company API is already allowing their customers to better their own sales efforts by delivering data and social information automatically. This functionality also allows their internal team to focus important data efforts elsewhere.

Streamline your process by automating your data gathering.