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How does a CRM app give users prospect information in the simplest way possible?


Add context to sales leads in a CRM - without the cumbersome data entry that tends to bog down the sales process.


ProsperWorks uses the FullContact Person API to add names, photos, and relevant social profile data to users’ sales contacts based on email addresses.

Their Challenge

“We want to provide as much information as possible about the person that the user is communicating with… so we use the Person API to complete and enrich that contact information.”

ProsperWorks helps to change the way small businesses think about sales. Their powerful-yet-simple CRM simplifies the sales cycle, letting businesses focus less on sales workflow and more on closing deals.

The Solution

ProsperWorks knew that the best way to save their users time was to make it so they didn’t have to enter contact information. So they implemented the FullContact Person API. Now, when their users enter a lead’s email address or phone number, the lead’s name, demographic info, social profile information, and photo appears automagically in their ProsperWorks deal flow.

Users get up-to-date information on their leads, without having to deal with the trouble of contact management. With rich contact data from FullContact, ProsperWorks users can focus more on closing deals - and less on entering contact details.

Next Steps

ProsperWorks continues to use the Person API to enrich their users’ sales efforts, but they’re most excited about the integration of the Company API and the benefits that will bring to users that want to know more about specific companies and the influential people that run them.

Simplify your app's UX with social profile data.