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What can we do to better the customer support experience?


SnapEngage is all about customer support, and customer support is all about knowing, and empathizing, with people. SnapEngage needed a way to better know their clients’ customers.


SnapEngage uses FullContact’s API to turn an email address into a complete social profile, better allowing them to understand their customers.

Their Challenge

“FullContact turned an email address into a face, name, and complete social profile!”

SnapEngage integrates with your favorite applications, including Google Chat and Skype. For full-time reps, SnapEngage’s web client provides a rich graphical interface for managing multiple chats. The idea being, if the user has more information about the customer, they will provide more effective support. However, they didn’t want to show only an email address in their chat interfaces, as that would force customer service reps to blindly respond to chat visitors’ questions. They needed a way to quickly discover complete social profiles of visitors, so reps could provide more personalized support.

The Solution

SnapEngage added the FullContact Person API to their app, which allowed them to gather the information their customers wanted and easily added it to their application. Now, instead of only seeing an email address, reps see a full name, title, company, and links to the visitor’s major social network pages like Twitter and LinkedIn. A rep can quickly gather more public information about the visitor and provide better support.

Next Steps

The SnapEngage platform now allows a representative to really know and understand their end user, which helps them provide the best customer service possible. If your product provides an interface for interacting with customers, like SnapEngage, FullContact can help you turn an email address into a face, name, and complete social profile!

Deliver better customer service!