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How can we make customer support more appealing to the end user?


Userlike is a European customer support chat platform that strives to create the most personalized interactions between operators and customers. In order to do this, they needed a fast and easy way to delivery more information about a customer-in-need when they reach out via chat.


Userlike uses FullContact’s Person API and Company API to turn an email address into a complete social profile, better allowing platform operators to understand, and cater to, their customers.

Their Challenge

Timoor Taufig
CEO and Co-Founder

When all that info appears, people are often surprised. They really like it! Both the customers and the operators think it’s awesome and cool.

Userlike’s mission is to fundamentally improve communication between businesses and their customers by breaking down barriers to personalized contact in e-commerce. They started with a highly functional platform that easily allowed customer service through live chat in a platform.

They found, though, that the types of interactions being had were very shallow in terms of the connection between operator and customer. They wanted a way to make chatting more appealing to both the user and the operator.

The Solution

Userlike implemented an optional email address input field into their chat function. When a customer enters their email address, a profile of social information, demographics, geographics, job title, and an image populates for the operator. In conjunction, a full profile of the operator is also delivered to the customer, allowing both parties to see and know who they are speaking to.

Operators are more willing to ask for an email address, so they can see who they are talking to, which means the amount of email addresses being collected has increased. This also allows for more immediate and thorough follow-up. The operators are also able to take whatever LinkedIn and Twitter information they acquire and pass that along to Sales, which helps the team better understand their audience and what types of messaging might be most appropriate for them.


Next Steps

The Userlike platform now allows operators and sales teams to better understand the customer they are speaking with, which creates better engagement, more personal relationships, and a more targeted sales and support approach.

Personalize your customer interactions.