What's the easiest way to make customer support more human?


UserVoice is all about adding context to the customer support process. But displaying customers’ browser info wasn’t enough to make the customer experience better.


Integrating FullContact’s social data allows UserVoice users to see what their customer is saying about them, as well as what’s happening in their lives.

Their Challenge

“FullContact’s data helps us to see the mindset of the person coming into the conversation. We know what they’re talking about on social media and we can better understand how to help them.”

It’s often said that “context is king.” In the realm of technical support, that couldn’t be more true.

UserVoice is a customer service platform that relies heavily on getting the company one step ahead of the user in the support process. By displaying information like browser and operating system versions, UserVoice helps its users ask fewer questions and deliver answers more quickly.

UserVoice found that its customers loved the contextual info it provided – but wanted more. They were looking for information like job titles (which often didn’t appear in the UserVoice app, but could help determine how technically-inclined a person is), as well as recent tweets to help understand the mindset of the person coming into the conversation.

The Solution

UserVoice added the FullContact Person API to their app, which allowed them gather the information their customers wanted and easily add it into their app.

UserVoice customers tell the company that their goal is to get out of the support email thread as quickly as possible. The more that they can accomplish in the first message, the better. Because of that, being able to see their users’ social media activity provides more background information for every customer contact.

FullContact offered the best way to pull in that information and to understand not only who a customer is – but also how they’re feeling.

The integration also came with pleasant surprises. At first, UserVoice was not certain how valuable these social profiles would be – but because of the depth of FullContact’s data, they quickly got feedback that their customers were thrilled to have a better idea of who their customers were.

UserVoice’s customers quickly found ways to learn even more from the different social profile links. A GitHub profile, for instance, let the support agent know that a customer is at least technical enough to clear a browser cache. But if only a Facebook profile is shown, then there’s a good chance that the customer is less technical.

Next Steps

UserVoice built an app that is at the forefront of improving customer relationships – and FullContact has become an integral part of their service, helping their users know their customers better than ever before. Social data from the FullContact API helps provide their customers with context, which leads to lower churn and happier customers all around. Everybody wins.

Start providing more context to your customers.