Java Client for FullContact API (v2.0)

by FullContact

A Java client to access most of FullContact's v2 API endpoints, including Person, Card Reader, Email, and Account Statistics APIs.

FullContact fullContact = FullContact.withApiKey("your-api-key").build();
PersonRequest personRequest = fullContact.buildPersonRequest().email("").build();
PersonResponse personResponse = fullContact.sendRequest(personRequest);

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Python for FullContact API (v2)

by Max Thayer

from fullcontact import FullContact

# Create a FullContact client with your API key
fc = FullContact('your_api_key')

# Get person information via email address
person = fc.person(email='')
print person.json()

# Get person information via twitter handle
person2 = fc.person(twitter='bartlorang')
print person2.json()

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Ruby Wrapper for FullContact API (v2)

by Brandon West

require "rubygems"
require "fullcontact"

# This could go in an initializer
FullContact.configure do |config|
    config.api_key = "fullcontact_api_key_goes_here"

# Get information about a email address
person = FullContact.person(email: "")

# Get information about a twitter
person2 = FullContact.person(twitter: "bartlorang")

# Get information about a twitter and ensure a 30s socket open timeout and a 15s socket read timeout
# Can throw a Faraday::Error::TimeoutError if timeouts are exceeded
person3 = FullContact.person({:twitter => "bartlorang"}, {:request => {:timeout => 15, :open_timeout => 30}})

# Get person's family_name
puts person.contact_info.family_name

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PHP Bindings for FullContact API (v2)

by Dominic Dimarco


//initialize our FullContact API object
//get your api key here:
$fullcontact = new FullContactAPI('YOUR_API_KEY_HERE');

//do a lookup
$result = $fullcontact->doLookup('');

//dump our results
echo "<br/>----------------<br/><pre>";
var_dump($result, true);
echo "</pre><br/>----------------<br/>";

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Node.js Module for FullContact API (v2)

by Arnout Kazemier

'use strict';

var FullContact = require('fullcontact');

// The constructors are directly exposed on the FullContact constructor:

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Node.js Helper for FullContact API (v2)

by Stephen Bussey

var fullcontact = require("fullcontact-api")("Your Key here");

fullcontact.person.findByEmail("email", function(err, json) {
    //json now contains your information unless err

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jQuery Plugin for FullContact API (v2)

by Matt Elliott

Person Lookup

vCard Enrichment


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Excel Person Enrichment

The FullContact Excel Person Enrichment template allows users to populate lists of email addresses with information from the FullContact API, using Microsoft Excel.

**FOR USE ON EXCEL 2010/2013 FOR WINDOWS ONLY!! Does not run on Excel for Mac.

Last updated 2/10/2016

Excel Person Enrichment

Download Person API Template for Excel

Excel Email Syntax Validation

The FullContact Excel Email Syntax Validation template allows users to take a list of email addresses, validate them for syntax, and export as a csv. Non-valid syntax will return a message as to why the email address is not valid.

**FOR USE ON EXCEL 2010/2013 FOR WINDOWS ONLY!! Does not run on Excel for Mac.

Last updated 3/20/2014

Excel Email Syntax Validation

Download Email Syntax Validation Template for Excel