Manage your Google Contacts with FullContact

If you use Google contacts, chances are you have incomplete and duplicate contacts cluttering up your address book. We can help.

Leverage FullContact’s full suite of features, including merging duplicates, adding photos and social media profiles, and scanning business cards, to improve your Google contacts. Then, seamlessly sync your Google contacts with iCloud, Office 365, Exchange, and your mobile devices.

manage all of your Google contacts with FullContact
sync Google contacts with iCloud

Keep your contact info up to date

Sync your Google Contacts with iCloud Contacts. Add a photo, job title, or note to a contact in Google contacts and watch it appear in your iCloud contacts. Make sure you always have the most up-to-date contact info. You can also sync your work and personal address books so you don’t lose your contacts if you change jobs.

Sync Google Contacts with iCloud

Sync contact photos across address books

Add a photo to FullContact, and see it synced across all your Google, iCloud, and Exchange accounts. Our photo updates are automatic, so you can spend your time building relationships - not managing your Google contacts.

Add photos to Google Contacts
add profile photos to Google contacts
add twitter contacts to Google

Automatically add Twitter handles

FullContact automatically finds Twitter handles for all the contacts in your Google address book, so you can easily connect with them via social. It’s not just about Twitter - FullContact also finds other social profiles and automatically adds them to your Google contacts.

Add Twitter handles to Google Contacts

Remove clutter by merging duplicates

By merging duplicate Google contacts, you can make it easier to find the right person in your address book. FullContact automatically merges duplicate Google contacts in the background, saving you time. Plus, if you accidentally merge two different Google contacts you can roll it back with a single click from our Contact History screen.

Merge duplicate Google Contacts
sync contacts with other platforms

Keep your accounts in sync

Importing and exporting doesn’t keep you up to date. FullContact syncs your info across all your Google Contacts accounts in real-time.

Sync multiple Google Contacts accounts

add LinkedIn profiles to contacts

Easily connect on LinkedIn

FullContact automatically finds LinkedIn profiles for all the contacts in your Google Contacts, even the ones you’re not yet connected to.

Add LinkedIn profiles to Google Contacts

add social profiles to contacts

Automatically add social profiles

It’s not just about LinkedIn - FullContact also finds other social profiles and automatically adds them to your Google Contacts.

Add social profiles to Google Contacts

clean up contacts

Fix messy contact records

FullContact makes it easier to find the right phone number, email address, or other contact info by eliminating clutter in your Google Contacts.

Clean up Google contacts

scan business cards to contacts

Accurate business card transcription

Use the Android or iPhone app to scan business cards and they are transcribed by real people for much more accurate results than OCR.

Scan business cards to Google Contacts

add job titles to contacts

Complete your address book

Make sure your Google Contacts are fully up-to-date with job title information. FullContact will notify you whenever a contact’s job title changes.

Add job titles in Google Contacts

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