Add images to your notification contacts using FullContact

If you’re like me, you probably get notifications on your phone all the time: calendar reminders, verification codes, package shipping notifications, just to name a few. What bothered me the most was that none of them came with a logo or image. I finally got fed up, so I started to create contacts with these images.

In terms of setting this up, it’s actually pretty simple. Not only will it organize your contacts better, but it beautifies your iMessage screen at the same time.

NOTE: This short tutorial is mainly around iMessage and the iPhone, but it will work on Android just as well.

You need the following:

  • A FullContact account
  • Your contacts syncing to your phone (via CardDAV or iCloud)
  • (Optional) Access to the FullContact Company API

Your FullContact account

This is fairly straightforward, but you do need a FullContact account to help this process. I’ll mainly be working from FullContact for Web, but you can also do this on FullContact for iOS or FullContact for Android.

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for one here.

It’s free to use, although upgrading to Premium will help speed the process along, and let you sync to multiple sources (like iCloud AND Google Contacts).

Ensure your contacts are syncing with your phone

We have multiple guides to help you accomplish this step, but if you would rather get some tailored help, you can sign up for our free Concierge program.

You can find our syncing guides here.

(Optional) Setup access to the FullContact Company API endpoint

This part is optional, but a good choice if you know the domain of the company you are looking to get a logo from. Otherwise, you can easily do a Google search for something like “amazon logo” and choose the images section.

You can sign up for a free API key, which gets you 250 Company API queries per month. Just go to the following link, sign up, and get your FullContact Developer API key!
Once you have your API key, you can call the Company API like this:

Just replace the “” section with the domain you want to look up. Be sure to add your API key on to the end of the call!

Now to start adding these contacts and images

You need to have a few things open. I would suggest having iMessage open on your OS X device, having FullContact for Web open ( and an extra browser window to search for logos and / or use the Company API endpoint.

First, find a notification that you recently received

imessage blank contact

Next, look for the phone number that sent the message. Sometimes it can be a full number with an area code and everything, but most times it will be a much shorter number, 5 or 6 digits long. You may need to click on the dropdown to get the number to display.

imessage pointing to number

After you have the number, you can go into FullContact for Web, and create a new contact by clicking the large (+) button at the top of FullContact for Web.

add contact in web app

Next, you can add a name. For example, I normally use the company’s name for the First Name, and use Notification for the Last Name on this contact record. Then you can add the number to the contact record as well.

I’m also a fan of adding an email address, knowing that it isn’t a legit email. This way we can pull up information on the Company Tab within FullContact (on the Web, iOS, Android, Gmail, etc.) – which gives you quick access to things like their support phone number, or the physical address.

I use something like this,, so we don’t bring in data from Updates on the email.

contact with phone email and name

Now we need to find a logo for the contact. You have two options with this, mainly depending on a few things. If you have a Developer API account with us, you can use the Company API to make a quick search and find a logo. It also helps if you know the domain of the company.

Be sure to add your API key at the end, and you can adjust the URL to any domain you would like. JSON will get returned, but you can find logos and links to logos easily from here.

company api results

However, you won’t always find a good company logo this way, mainly because you are looking for something that is square. I normally start a Google image search, with something like “google logo” and normally you will get multiple results.

logo results

Once you have the logo you prefer, save it to your computer and then navigate back to the contact record you are creating in FullContact. Now you can click on the small pencil icon next to the default avatar, and then select Upload Image.

click pencil icon
upload image in web app
before saving

You’re done! Here is what the finalized contact record looks like across the different platforms.

FullContact for Web
finished result in web app

iMessage on OS X
finished result in osx imessage

iMessage on iOS
ios screenshot

You’ll also start to notice that the same company will have multiple numbers that they send notifications from. FullContact makes it easy to just add the phone number to a current contact, or merge the contacts together to give you a unified contact.