Facebook Changes

Over the course of the past few months, Facebook has made changes to their terms of service, as well as those of Instagram (which Facebook owns).

Beginning on February 12, 2016, these are the changes to be aware of:

  • Your previously connected Facebook or Instagram address books will be disconnected and removed from FullContact.
  • Going forward, you will no longer be able to connect a new Facebook or Instagram address book to your FullContact account.

However, if you need a backup file of your contacts (which include Facebook and Instagram), please reach out to our Support team. While we understand these changes may be frustrating, FullContact is committed to building powerful tools to help you build relationships with your network. We’ll continue working on new ways to keep your contacts in sync, up-to-date, and accessible everywhere you need them. Also, unlike some other services, we’re committed to making sure that your data is always portable – you can export all your contacts whenever you like. They belong to you.

Keep in mind that you can still add your Facebook friends’ contact information to your contacts from the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad (unfortunately, we don’t currently have a workaround for Android users). These instructions are listed below.

If you’re an iOS user with the Facebook application installed, you’ll be able to update your contacts with Facebook information and photos by going into the Settings function of the Facebook app and selecting “Update All Contacts.” Enabling mobile sync for the Facebook application will then update your contacts on your device when the application next syncs.

We’re working on some new features for Facebook integration as well:

  • We’ll notify you when your Facebook friends sign up for FullContact.
  • We’ll allow you to invite your Facebook friends to join FullContact so you can fully connect.