Importing and Exporting CSV to FullContact

Importing and exporting files to-and-from the FullContact Address Book (web app) is a fairly straightforward process, so long as you follow a few important steps—especially when it comes to CSV files themselves.

What Is a CSV File?

A comma-separated values (CSV) file stores data in plain-text form. In the case of FullContact, it’s the file that stores contacts and their corresponding details (e-mail address, geographic location, job title, etc.). Spreadsheet programs like Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel make it easy to create and edit CSV files.

So, let’s say you’ve got contacts in an Excel document on your desktop that you’d like to add (i.e. import) to your FullContact Address Book. Now, before you go ahead and import this file, cautiously read through this article in our Feedback Forum. Why’s that? Well, our software currently supports importing contacts from specific comma-separated-variable formats—so not all are formats are accepted.

Therefore, go ahead and download the .CSV file format we have provided in the above link, then you can append your current data into this spreadsheet to upload.

Also, keep in mind that while some formats claim to use the Outlook CSV format, they are actually using a multi-line format and Outlook headers. While this can work for certain programs, it doesn’t always work when importing to FullContact.

To upload, simply go to your Setting page and click on “Import CSV or vCard.”

Alternatively, let’s say you want to export a contact list from your FullContact web app. On the same Settings page, find the address book you’d like to export then click on the ellipsis (…) next to the address book name.

Next, click Export Contacts then select the type of file you’d like to export.

This file will propagate to your desktop, which you can then modify or upload to another source of your preference! You can appending the information in the file to your liking, import it into your e-mail server and send a bulk-e-mail to your contacts, upload the file to your CRM to grow your customer base, and more.