Using Sugar CRM with FullContact

Sugar CRM puts the “i” in CRM—i for individual.
They empower every customer-facing individual to create extraordinary customer relationships with an innovative, flexible, and affordable CRM solution. Known for seeing “i2i,” SugarCRM uniquely places the individual at the center of its solution, transforming and enabling highly personalized interactions.

Just like FullContact is focused on being awesome with people, Sugar is complementary in many ways:

  • They drive customer excellence and loyalty throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
  • They deliver a fully personalized user experience that is immersive, engaging and intuitive.
  • They fuse the straightforward simplicity and mobility of a consumer app—with the optimization of conventional CRM—empowering every customer-facing individual to create extraordinary customer relationships.

That being said, let FullContact’s ability to update your contacts be the driving force behind seeing “i2i” with each customer you’re engaging with via SugarCRM. You’ll begin by exporting your data from SugarCRM and importing it into your FullContact for Web app.

You have two options to export your data from Sugar, which are both thoroughly explained and outlined here. Keep in mind that exporting restrictions can be controlled by a System Admin via Admin > Locale; if you aren’t an admin, have your administrator refer to the Locale section of the Admin guide.

Option A: Export from Module List Views

  1. Navigate to the list view of the module by clicking on the module tab.
  2. Use the Basic or Advanced Search functionality find the records you would like to export.
  3. Select the desired records individually or by using the checkbox dropdown’s options.
  4. Choose “Export” from the Actions menu.

Done! Upon exporting data from Sugar, a CSV (comma-separated-value) file format will download to your computer.

Option B: Export from Reports

  1. If you decide to export your reports, go ahead and follow these instructions.

Afterward, you’ll want to make sure the CSV file is of a supported file type for FullContact’s software. Right now, we only support just a few different CSV formats. You can find the current formatting that will work at the following link.

  • If you run into any import mishaps in the web app, just download the CSV file format that we have provided, then you can append your current data into this spreadsheet to upload.

Once you have this file handy, go ahead and login to your FullContact account to import it:

  1. Click + Add Address Book (left-hand side dashboard)
  2. Select Import from File
  3. Select the Pipedrive CSV file from your desktop

Et voilà! We’ll sync in those contacts.

After your file has been successfully imported, just let our software run its magic. We’ll take the contacts that you’ve supplied, find publicly available data, then provide updates (which we will flag in the Updates tab on the left-hand side dashboard).

If you’re a free FullContact user, we’ll search for updates on a monthly basis. If you’re a paying (Premium) FullContact user, we’ll seek daily updates! To upgrade your FullContact account to Premium, you can do so here.

Once your contacts have been enriched, you can simply export this file then import it back into your Pipedrive account. To export from the web app, click on the gear next to your imported file (underneath All Contacts) → Export Contacts… → select Google .CSV → Export.

To import your file back into Sugar, you’ll want to reference the following link. Most likely, you’ll want to scroll down to the section of this helpful article where it outlines, “Importing Updates to Existing Records,” as this will streamline the merging / de-duplication process.

In other words, in addition to importing new records, Sugar’s Import Wizard also has the functionality to use an import file to update existing Sugar records! Keep in mind that the most important aspect to importing updates to existing records is that Sugar will only update records where there is a matching ID in the import file.

Regardless, during an Import, Sugar’s Import Wizard includes the functionality to check for duplicate records! When enabled, Sugar will check to see if a record already exists in Sugar with the given criteria. When checking for duplicates, Sugar will mark any record as a duplicate if it cross references against any of the duplicate fields.

For example, when importing Contacts, if you select Last Name and Email Address as your duplicate check fields, any record that has a matching last name and/or a matching email address to an existing contact in Sugar will be marked as a duplicate.
Lastly, any duplicates will show on the final page of the import, so you will also have an option to download the duplicates to manually cross-reference and verify they’re actually duplicates. This process is very similar to how FullContact will flag the potential duplicate contacts in your Unified Contacts address book in the web app!