Using Zoho CRM with FullContact

Zoho CRM frees you to do what you do best: selling.

Automate tasks, improve workflow, and focus on creating and capturing opportunities all with Zoho’s Sales Force Automation (SFA).

By automating your processes, Zoho frees your colleagues and team members to concentrate on the important things: creating leads, closing deals, and growing your customer relationships. In other words, this CRM replaces tasks with hitting targets—even better, they’ve got a laundry list of features that are beneficial and intuitive, helping you get the results you want.

When it comes to combining Zoho’s forces with your FullContact account, here’s where we can help: Zoho’s ContactManager allows for absolute contact management, meaning you can organize your contacts, collaborate with your team, and manage your business better with this feature they provide.

So, with a unified view of Contacts and Activities, essentially everything you need to know about your business contacts is at your fingertips. But, when it comes to enriching your contacts, Zoho CRM can only bring in Facebook and Twitter profiles to help your salespeople connect with prospects and build better relationships.

For additional social network profiles (think: Google+, Klout, AngelList, LinkedIn), basic demographics (think: age, gender, interests, and occupation), and more, FullContact’s enrichment process will make your contacts chock-full of helpful and interesting information.

To begin, export the module / contact list of your choice from Zoho. Here’s a helpful link for exporting from your Zoho account. Otherwise, go to your account’s home pageCRM Setup (upper right-hand corner) → Data AdministrationExport Data tab.

Afterwards, you’ll want to make sure the CSV file is of a supported file type for our software. Right now, we only support just a few different CSV formats. You can find the current formatting that will work at the following link.

  • If you run into any import mishaps in the web app, just download the CSV file format that we have provided, then you can append your current data into this spreadsheet to upload.

Once you have this file handy, go ahead and login to your FullContact account to import it:

  1. Click + Add Address Book (left-hand side dashboard)

  2. Select Import from File
  3. Select the Zoho CSV file from your desktop

After your file has been successfully imported, just let our software run its magic. We’ll take the contacts that you’ve supplied, find publicly available data, then provide updates (which we will flag in the Updates tab on the left-hand side dashboard).

If you’re a free FullContact user, we’ll search for updates on a monthly basis. If you’re a paying (Premium) FullContact user, we’ll seek daily updates! To upgrade your FullContact account to Premium, you can do so here.

Once your contacts have been enriched, you can simply export this file then import it back into your Zoho account. To export from the web app, click on the gear next to your imported file (underneath All Contacts) → Export Contacts… → select Google .CSVExport.

To import data from your exported FullContact file back into Zoho, you’ll want to do so via Zoho’s ContactManager. Here’s a helpful link.

After you’ve completed this import, you’ll want to mass-merge all of your duplicate contacts (or leads) pre-and-post FullContact’s enrichment process. Luckily, Zoho makes this pretty easy! Click ContactsMerge with existing contacts.

Lastly, if you aren’t already using Zoho Social, check it out. With Zoho Social, you can connect and follow your contacts on Twitter and Facebook because Zoho brings these two profiles right inside your account.