What to Expect from a Match Test

As a reminder, FullContact only charges you for successful matches. A match is a response where we return fields to your query (a 200 response code). Any other response codes (404 or 202) do not count against your monthly matches.
A successful match might look something like this:

  "status": 200,
  "likelihood": 0.9,
  "requestId": "773e6782-62bb-4fc6-9f38-28ea0b5db261",
  "contactInfo": {
    "familyName": "Lorang",
    "givenName": "Bart",
    "fullName": "Bart Lorang",
        "url": "https://www.fullcontact.com"


Because not all email addresses are created equal, some queries to the FullContact APIs may not return a match. Sometimes we just can’t find public information. This could be due to a person’s low social presence, high privacy settings, or the terms of service of certain networks. Other factors include the quality of the email address, age of the individual, country of residence, and whether or not the email address is for personal use or a business address.

Geographically, we see matches that fall within the following percentages:

  • United States: 40-60%
  • United Kingdom: 20-40%
  • Australia / South Africa: 20-40%
  • Other International Countries: 10-30%

When querying MD5 Email Addresses, we typically see match results of 10-40%.

In order to see what kinds of results you might get, we like to recommend a Match Test against a sample of your data before you sign up for a paid account. This will allow you to see how your database performs against our APIs. It will also help us better plan what subscription level might be best for your company. You can do that by contacting our team and requesting a Match Test.