How to Use Data to Create Better, More Personalized Content and Rise Above the Noise

If you’re active online, then you’re likely being inundated with content. With so much content out there, brands and influencers alike are wracking their brains to figure out how to make their content stand out. How do you ensure you’re not contributing to the noise but rising above it and delivering valuable content to the right people?

The truth is, getting your content to stand out and your audience to engage with it requires you to know exactly who your audience is and what exactly they’re looking for. And you need to be ready to back up your input with cold, hard data.


Rick Porter
Director of Solutions Architecture at FullContact

Natalie Stezovsky
VP at Influence & Co.


  • Why data is essential for creating effective content
  • How to use data to zero in on your target audience
  • The value of incorporating data into each stage of the content creation process
  • How data can be used to measure and improve your content over time
  • How data can help you create better, more personalized content that speaks to your audience’s needs