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FullContact News - FullContact Enrich API Combines Real-time Customer Intelligence with World-Class Identity Resolution
December 05, 2017

New release includes Data Add-ons, Data Subscriptions and multi-field querying to supply accurate, up-to-date contact information  

Denver, CO- 12/05/2017- FullContact today unveiled the Enrich API, built on their Next Generation Platform, engineered to help businesses deepen their relationships with customers through Data Add-ons, Data Subscriptions and multi-field querying. By using world-class identity resolution with the Enrich API, businesses can connect data fragments to create complete profiles for better understanding of their customers.

“Increasing the accuracy and recency of data can be the competitive advantage for many organizations that rely on customer intelligence to grow their business,” said Scott Brave, FullContact’s Chief Technology Officer. “Creating the Enrich API ensures our customers receive up-to-date, high quality data – delivered in real time – to make better business decisions quickly and efficiently.”  

The release provides a single, easy-to-integrate API to enrich person and company data. Organizations have access to FullContact’s patented identity graph, updated over 30 million times per day, to take advantage of the most recent customer data.  The new Data Subscriptions feature allows for real-time data updates that are delivered automatically to ensure accuracy for contact information. Users can easily customize several Data Add-ons to segment, personalize, verify and complete contact records revealing the whole person behind an email address, social handle, or phone number.

Along with improved security and ease of integration, the Enrich API offers businesses:

  • Better data recency– Receive data subscriptions for updates delivered in real-time.
  • Customized Data Add-ons– Choose from social affinities, employment history, demographics, and over 100 social networks to create a complete 360° view of your contacts.
  • Improved data accuracy– Gain greater confidence in your data and the quality of your matches using Multi-field Querying.

The Enrich API is available now. Register for our webinar on 12/7 to learn more about the release, including a tour of the new dashboard, and guidance on how to get started with the API.


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