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FullContact News - SalesWings Deploys FullContact for Improved Lead Enrichment and Prioritization
February 15, 2018

Denver, CO-February 15, 2018-SalesWings, a high-tech solution provider based out of Lausanne, Switzerland, deploys identity resolution and data enrichment from FullContact to improve its own solution, which is used to track, score and prioritize sales leads and win more business. Using the FullContact Enrich API, the SalesWings solution gives sales reps real-time insights for better understanding of prospects and customers.

FullContact allows us to deliver faster lead qualification using complete data and real-time updates,” said Philip Schweizer, Co-founder, CEO, and Head of Product “We built a better solution that meets our customer’s needs, and gives them the ability to accelerate the sales cycle.”

SalesWings software integrates with any email marketing solution, web form, landing page tool, or sales prospecting software to provide real-time notifications. It allows sales reps to accelerate the sales cycle by leveraging customer data to improve lead scoring, lead qualification, and lead prioritization.

Lead Intelligence

SalesWings gives customers the ability to instantly gain a snapshot of tracked leads, including contact info, company size, job position, education, social profiles, interests, and more. The customer intelligence, supplied by FullContact, enhances the relationship building process. It gives insights into who a prospect is on a personal level. Users can begin conversations and nurture leads by understanding where prospects live, which brands they buy, as well as related interest and behavioral data.

Lead Scoring

Users can better determine whether a lead is worth pursuing. A key component to lead scoring involves customer identification, and viewing attributable data that goes beyond interactions with the brand. That’s where FullContact data comes in. Injecting relevant details such as a customer’s online influencer score; topics of interest; and lifestyle, brand, and product affinities that combine to accurately score a lead to determine the next steps a brand should take.

Lead Prioritization

If the lead is qualified, the customer record is automatically highlighted for the sales rep, instantly providing a view into a wealth of information to prioritize sales activity. Instead of manually performing a client search using Google, LinkedIn, or other search engines and social platforms, which could take several minutes, SalesWings supplies lead data in seconds.

To learn more about how FullContact helped SalesWings, view the full customer story or to discover how you can instantly transform partial identities into complete profiles, visit www.fullcontact.com.

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