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FullContact News - Wayin App Store Launches Partnership With Preferred Data Enrichment Partner, FullContact
June 22, 2017

Denver, Colorado June 22, 2017 — Wayin, a digital campaign content management system and FullContact, the leading customer insights platform, announce today, the launch of FullContact becoming part the Wayin App Store, a customized library of marketing campaigns and services that streamlines the campaign ideation and creation process across markets, divisions and brands.

With 40 percent of average ad budget spent on non-working media, such as agency fees, digital product builds, and content manufacturing, brands are continually wasting time and resources on reinventing the wheel with every campaign. The partnership between Wayin and FullContact will help decrease the ad spend waste we see today.

By combining FullContact’s world class identity resolution data with Wayin’s customizable and reusable library, companies can create authentic and interactive campaigns, targeting the right consumers, in the right way. Whether it’s reach, engagement, conversion, or loyalty; this partnership will make sure brands are fully prepared to successfully interact at any point with their consumers.

“Consumers now expect to receive more highly personalized ads and experiences from advertisers” Says Bart Lorang, CEO of FullContact. “We are delighted to be able to combine the power of our 360-degree customer insights with Wayin’s platform to deliver personalized and highly targeted ads, enhancing the company’s ROI and consumers’ engagement.”

FullContact enriches customer databases with 360-degree insights. These insights are derived from over 4 billion people profile keys which are updated 30 million times per day. Wayin introduced their App Store in March 2017. Already, they have over 50 apps offering brands and publishers innovative experiences and services that help create campaigns across any digital touchpoint.

“Our clients are worried about the way traditional advertising disaggregates them from the consumer. They work with us to deliver interactive experiences direct to the consumer and consequently they capture a lot of PII data” says Richard Jones, CEO Wayin. “Our partnership with FullContact will help our clients maximize the value of that data.”

For more information on the Wayin app store visit The Wayin App Store or for a free sample report from FullContact visit https://www.fullcontact.com/data/.

About Wayin

Wayin, the Digital Campaign CMS platform enables marketers and agencies to deliver authentic interactive campaign experiences across all digital properties including web, social, mobile and partner channels. Wayin services more than 300 brands across 80 countries and 10 industries including leaders like CNN, Coca Cola, MLB, AOL, Discovery and Vodafone. For more information, please visit https://www.wayin.com/platform/app-store/.

About FullContact

FullContact is the most powerful, fully-connected customer insights platform for professionals and enterprises who need to master their customer interactions. FullContact’s cross-platform suite of Apps and APIs enhance contacts with insights, including social, demographic, geographic, firmographic, and psychographic data, while keeping them organized, synchronized, up to date and safe. For more information, please visit https://www.fullcontact.com/data/.