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FullContact News - XO Agency Takes Advantage of Identity Resolution from FullContact
April 05, 2018

Complete Customer Data Improves Advertising, Prospecting, and Email Marketing

Denver, CO-April 5, 2018-FullContact today announced the deployment of identity resolution by XO Agency, based out of Los Angeles, CA., to improve the digital marketing they provide customers  across multiple verticals and industries. XO Agency, which offers digital commerce via web and mobile, deploys identity resolution from FullContact to create complete customer profiles for digital advertising, sales prospecting, and email marketing.

“We use more data, so businesses understand what their ideal customer looks like,” said George Georgallides, CEO and founder of XO Agency. “Mass marketing and ‘spray and pray’ advertising are a thing of the past. FullContact data delivers unique insights to our customers about the audiences they are trying to reach.”

XO wanted to help their customers build relationships with their clients using a holistic view. XO recognized that traditional data fell short when building campaigns that developed one-to-one relationships, primarily since there was always new data, new content, and new channels used by its customers. By deploying identity resolution from FullContact, the agency can link data from multiple sources for its clients in near real-time.

Identity resolution benefits include:

  • Improved customer outreach and scalability
  • Reduced time to supply superior customer content
  • Increased sales and fulfillment rate
  • Greater ROI and shortened sales cycles

Crossing the Customer Chasm with Identity Resolution

Merging client marketing and sales databases, XO can enrich client contacts as a value-added service. Identity resolution allows the brands XO serves—whether in real estate, hospitality, or e-commerce—to understand target audiences better and build relationships faster.

XO’s identity-based services include:


From a lead generation standpoint, companies can build more accurate personas if they take advantage of a wealth of dynamic, continuously evolving social sources. XO uses identity resolution to mine these communities and to develop accurate personas.

Display advertising

Instead of display advertising that messages to prospects everywhere, XO helps customers develop ads that speak to customer behavior, interests, and demographics culled with identity resolution.

Sales prospecting

XO has worked with clients to take leads entering the funnel, group them into appropriate buckets using improved personas, and match leads to sales teams with higher efficiency. Sales staff can know what prospects to focus on first, where to begin the process, and how to carry out the conversation to remain relevant until the deal is closed.  

Email marketing

After creating accurate personas and advertisements, XO helps clients maximize customer data investments by creating personalized email communication that resonates with intended audiences. Rather than sending endless emails that lack specificity and connection with people, XO carefully dissects who customers are and then enables dynamic messaging at all stages of engagement.

To learn more about how FullContact helped XO Agency or to discover how you can instantly transform partial identities into complete profiles, visit www.fullcontact.com.

About FullContact

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