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Email Verification is here!

When providing their email, new prospects often make mistakes, change their email address or job over time, and sometimes even provide fake email addresses. This negatively affects your business in countless ways:

  • your email sender reputation score gets damaged,
  • your email starts going straight to Spam Folders,
  • your email then starts getting blocked by ISPs,
  • you get banned by your Email Service Provider,
  • you become labeled a spammer,
  • you start losing revenue,
  • your sales team gets FRUSTRATED!

Maximize the ROI on your marketing campaigns through improving email deliverability by eliminating hard bounces, reducing spam complaints and minimizing fraud.

How It Works

Our Email Verification API completes multiple checks on an email addresses including email syntax, verification of the domains ability to accept email, and a check to ensure the username is registered on the mail server. All of this built to be served by API at a scale capable of verifying billions of email addresses per month.

Flexible email verification.

We have APIs that support real time verification so that results are available at the point of entry. We also have APIs that support bulk verification if you have large databases of email.

Time is of the Essence.

Provide immediate feedback to prospects as they complete signup or web forms that ask for email address. Get the correct data the first time, so you don’t have to clean it up later.

Accurate & Clean Data.

Improve the ROI of your marketing efforts by maintaining clean and accurate data void of undeliverable email, one time use email, email containing common typos, and email associated with fraudulent activity.

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