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Customer intelligence from FullContact enabled SalesWings to connect one or two data points, such as an email address or phone number, and enrich the data inside their solution seamlessly.

Profile Enrichment

Using identity resolution, SalesWings located every social profile associated with an individual and integrated them into a single, accurate record.

XO Agency

Digital marketing agency, XO, used identity resolution to improve the quality of their clients’ data by augmenting, consolidating, and cleansing it.

Audience Insights

XO delivered customer insights to their clients that enabled them to understand their target audiences better and build relationships faster.


Using identity resolution and data enrichment, Extole supplied customers with an expanded view of their advocates, providing compelling data to run, optimize, and scale refer-a-friend programs.

Influencer Marketing

By querying their advocates’ emails addresses, Extole created audience segments to build and scale marketing programs that authentically engage their users.

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Condord Direct
Condord Direct

Concord Direct gave their nonprofit client a successful marketing strategy that helped them maximize the return on their marketing budget.

Condord Direct

Audience Development

Using social data, Concord Direct identified influencers and created a data-driven campaign that resulted in an increased response rate and new signups.

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